About Form-in-place (FIP) and Cure-in-place (CIP) Gaskets

Form-in-place (FIP) or cure-in-place (CIP) gaskets can provide a superior solution to manually applied ‘O’ rings or expensive, complex pre-moulded gaskets. They offer design and production flexibility, enable high quality sealing of small batches and prototypes/one-offs and eliminate many manual processes and also the waiting time of other processes. They also eliminate the high production and stocking costs of pre-moulded injected gaskets.

Our FIP gasketing materials form complex 2D and 3D gasket shapes at high speed and with repeatable, accurate results when applied using one of our dispensing robots.

Our team will work with you to specify

  • Gasketing materials
    – Silicones
    – UV Curing
  • Automation to apply the gasket
    – Robots
    – Dispensing valves

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