adhere academySome of the two-part adhesives, sealants and other materials we supply are packaged in side-by-side syringe cartridges. In this packaging, the materials are already pre-measured in the correct ratio, saving time and material handling. The correct amounts of material are fed into a static mixing nozzle, which ensures thorough mixing whilst no air is introduced. The entire cartridge does not have to be used up in one go – it is possible to use it for multiple applications over time, with only the disposable mixer nozzle needing to be replaced each time. A cartridge dispensing gun (either manual or pneumatic) allows an ergonomic, comfortable and controlled dispense. Overall, the benefits include health & safety from reduced chemica handling, quality from consistent mix and application and economics from less material waste.

IRS 2112 Fast Curing General Purpose Epoxy Adhesive in 50ml syringe cartridge

Our free download, Instructions for Side-by-Side Syringe Cartridges, fully documents and illustrates the procedure. Following these instructions will ensure the optimal mixing for a fully homogeneous compound and therefore optimal cure and optimal performance.