Anthony Scala, a London-based glass artist and instructor, takes on repair work for glass pieces ranging from sentimental value to more significant worth. In order to complete repairs in a timely manner, Anthony sought an adhesive that offered a fast curing time whilst maintaining good clarity and structural reliability. Opti-tec 5013 Optically Clear, Fast-Curing Epoxy has become an essential part of his toolkit.

Opti-tec 5013 is a two component, medium viscosity epoxy designed as an adhesive, or for small potting and encapsulation projects where high optical clarity, good wetting and medium viscosity are important. It can be used for bonding glass, quartz, metal and many plastics. It finds uses in assembly and repair of glass items where a clear adhesive is required.

You can read the full case study here:

Glass artist completes high-quality work in short timelines with Opti-tec 5013 epoxy

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