Front cover of Structural Adhesives selector guide showing adhesive being dispensed with a handheld dispensing gunTo help you find the right adhesive for your manufacturing application, we’ve launched a Structural Adhesive Selector Guide. The guide provides a full overview of five structural adhesive chemistries: methyl methacrylate (MMA), epoxy, polyurethane, UV curing, and cyanoacrylate. It covers 28 materials and their properties, curing considerations, compatibility considerations, and more.

We have designed the guide to help manufacturers discover the optimal adhesive for establishing robust structural bonds with metals, plastics, and composite materials. It is tailored to the distinct needs of industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, medical, and consumer.

The selector guide includes materials from several brands, including SCIGRIP, Intertronics, Opti-tec, Dymax, and Born2Bond, and covers:

  • chemistry and substrate suitability
  • cure time and bond strength
  • the packaging each material is available in, be it twin-packs, cartridges, and/or bulk
  • resistance to water/humidity, chemicals, and heat, to indicate what environments it might be suitable for

“When choosing a structural adhesive, various factors will influence the decision; developing a specification will involve weighing up priorities and deciding on allowable compromises,” says Kevin Brownsill, our Head of Technical: Learning and Development. “Selecting a material involves balancing the benefits with the trade-offs and coming to an informed decision. There are many factors to consider — adhesives applications are notoriously complex — but this guide is a helpful starting point.”

If you need further guidance on structural adhesive selection, you can speak with our experienced and helpful team to discuss your application. We also offer a seminar, The art and science of choosing a structural adhesive, which we can deliver at our Technology Centre in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, or at your site.

Start your specification process by checking out our Structural Adhesives Selector Guide, or getting in touch to discuss your application in detail with one of our technical specialists.