The new Polytec PT brochure offers information on specialist epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds for electronics, electrical engineering, optical and medical industries. It details high strength optically transparent epoxies, including formulations with flexibility in the Shore A range. Medical device manufacturers will find products which are biocompatible and tested to USP Class VI. These materials are autoclavable, a requirement when assembles are subject to repeated steam sterilising.

Typical applications for this product range include microelectronics assembly and potting; securing of lenses, prisms and sensors; bonding of fibre-optic cables; and in the medical device arena, bonding of equipment such as endoscopes where autoclaving may be required.

Both two component room temperature curing and single/dual component thermal curing types are listed to match the production processes with performance requirements.

Polytec PT epoxy adhesives enable bonding of almost any material combination – even difficult ones such as metals, plastics, glass or ceramic. Their low viscosity means that these compounds penetrate fine cracks and openings and thereby protect sensitive units against mechanical loads and the influence of most process media such as water, oil or gases.

High performance epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds from Intertronics for specialist industries