Conductive Adhesives

Conductive Adhesives

About Conductive Adhesives

We offer adhesives which exhibit thermal and/or electrical conductivity. Applications include thermal management, electronic circuits, shielding, and die-attach in micro-electronics, hybrid circuits, chip-on-board (COB), LEDs, component manufacture, displays, flexible circuitry, medical devices and optics/optoelectronics.

Electrically conductive adhesives can be either two-part or single-part epoxy systems, and are designed for electronic interconnects in a wide range of applications, including hybrid electronic assembly and solder replacement.

The adhesives are offered in process convenient packages, including twin-packs and pre-mixed and frozen in dispensing syringe barrels.

Thermally conductive adhesives can be used as a joining technique, bonding components to create a durable mechanical connection, while enabling heat to transfer from the warmer component to the colder component. In many cases, thermally conductive bonding is an alternative to conventional connection processes such as soldering, welding or screwing.

Thermal management of electronic components continues to grow as an application, as we squeeze more power into smaller devices.

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