Odyssey Motorcycles used a carbon fibre epoxy composite for parts of on a Harley Davidson Super Sport Roadster (SSR). The French manufacturer used the material to make up the bodywork, petrol and oil tanks of the custom made motorbike, but then faced challenges around how to join it with the rest of the structure.

Odyssey Motorcycle bonded with Araldite

It decided on an Araldite 2031 to bond the wide range of materials together, which included metals and thermoset composites, in particular the carbon composite fuel tank to aluminium parts on the front fairings. Where mechanical fasteners, such as rivets added unwanted weight and limited the profile options, the adhesive provided lightweight and greater versatility in design. With its superior structural stability, flexibility and good chemical resistance, Araldite 2031 has become an essential component for ensuring the SSR withstands the high mechanical stresses, extremes of temperature and different chemical environments that it is likely to encounter during its lifetime.

Odyssey Motorcycles’ pro-builder, Bertrand Dubet, said:

With an iconic brand such as Harley-Davidson and the high degree of customisation required for an application of this kind, there can be no compromise in the choice of materials or quality of the manufacturing process. Araldite 2031‘s long gel time, ease of application and black colour are enabling us to optimise the use of different substrates in the production of a beautifully hand-crafted, aerodynamic vehicle that’s thanks to this adhesive system.

The motorbike combines a twin cam 110B engine with a high level chrome-plated detailing and composite surface finish. Only ten SSRs will be manufactured for an exclusive client base.

Odyssey Motorcycle bonded with Araldite