You probably already know that products from Araldite can be found in almost all areas of life. But it may come as a bit of a surprise to you that products made of our advanced materials can also enhance your personal glamor. Working closely with Swarovski, the Austria-based manufacturer of crystal jewelry, Huntsman has again demonstrated the versatility of its Araldite® 2000 PLUS adhesives range, this time in a highly decorative application.

Araldite 2011 high performance adhesive is now being used in the Enlightened™-Swarovski Elements product brand, to enhance the bonding of marcasite stones into a variety of pieces—including rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces and cufflinks. Most of Swarovski’s customers now choose Araldite 2011 two component epoxy paste as their preferred adhesive for bonding marcasite stones, as it gives the jewelry an enhanced sparkle. These jewelers set a stunning total of around 500 million marcasite stones each year, worldwide.

Swarovski provides genuine marcasite stones — cut from Pyrite — for their customers, to produce many types of jewelry. By using Araldite 2011, they can even bond stones in the 1-2mm size range. Bonding with Araldite means there are no visible settings on the finished pieces — a feature not possible with traditional setting methods that use prongs and bezels.

Araldite 2011 bonds jewellry

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