The selection of case studies below demonstrates the diversity of the adhesives products we supply, from medical applications to bespoke design production, even an art sculpture in the form of a mosaic adorned vehicle!


Precision dispensing can really aid a manufacturing process by reducing waste, improving quality and increasing throughput. The customers featured in the case studies below did exactly that by utilising adhesive dispensing systems for the medical device and security industries.

Metering and Mixing

Across multiple industries, consistent homogeneous mixing of materials is an important stage of production, as demonstrated in these case studies.

Potting & Encapsulation

Potting and encapsulation compounds protect our customers’ products from harsh environmental conditions. We may be able to customise a material to suit your requirements.


The case studies below demonstrate how our customers greatly improved their production output by automating their dispensing process with a robot. This produced repeatable, reliable processes without compromising on the quality of their end product.

Surface Preparation

Our cleaning and surface preparation range has products for treating of substrates prior to bonding or coating, including plasma treatment machines, solvents and primers.

Temporary Masking

Our temporary masking products are used in electronics manufacturing and all types of surface finishing applications – protecting parts during soldering, powder coating, conformal coating, plating, acid stripping, anodising, chemical milling or plating.

UV & Light Curing

Some applications can require certain aesthetic criteria for bonding, alongside functionality and quick cure times. Our customers have achieved this in these case studies of bespoke furniture design, metal bonding and torches to withstand harsh conditions.