When aesthetics are an important consideration alongside reliable sealing performance, a clear silicone is worth considering.

Wacker ELASTOSIL® N2199 is a highly flexible, translucent silicone which meets the criteria of MIL-SPEC 46146, Group I, Type I. N 2199 is a one-part, ready-to-use, acid- and sovent-free, RTV-1 nonslumping paste that cures at room temperature to a permanently flexible silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture. With a neutral alkoxy cure, N2199 is non-corrosive and suitable for electronics and other sensitive substrates. It skins in 15 minutes at room temperature and has good adhesion to many substrates including plastics, glass, metals and ceramic. Once cured, this silicone has outstanding resistance to weathering, ageing, moisture, and UV light. It has excellent mechanical properties, and a recommended service temperature from -45 °C to +180 °C.

Elastosil N2199 Ruggedisation

ELASTOSIL N2199 is supplied in 310ml cartridges.

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