Dymax SpeedMask® 7601 is a high-performance, LED-curable, peelable masking compound formulated for surface protection during plating, anodizing (Type II or III), grit blasting and acid stripping (hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric solutions) processes.

Dymax SpeedMask 7601 Temporary Masking Compound

SpeedMask temporary masking compounds are single-part liquids which are readily applied to parts prior to surface treatments. They cure very quickly with UV light, which makes their processing more productive than alternatives like tapes, waxes and solvent-based masks. Their advantages are summarised in this video.

SpeedMask 7601 is a pink translucent gel when applied, which turns green upon cure, giving a visual cure indicator. After application, it fluoresces vivid blue when exposed to low intensity black light for easy inspection of masking coverage. After curing, it can be trimmed with a scalpel to give finer definition. It has moderate adhesion and can be easily peeled from the non-porous surfaces following the surface treatment process. Recommended surfaces include nickel alloys, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, and it has good resistance to strong acid solutions and etchants.

SpeedMask 7601 has been formulated to cure with the latest generation of LED UV curing lamps – the datasheet details cure information for LED spot lamps and flood lamps. It has quickly become one of our go-to products for temporary masking for metal finishing of all kinds.