Wacker’s SILPURAN 4200® medical-grade silicone adhesive is a single-part transparent, room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone adhesive that is suitable for bonding cured silicone parts and highly elastic bonding between silicone and textiles, such as in ventilation masks and respiratory bellows.

Silpuran 4200 Medical Applications

Formulated with a new catalyst which does not use organotin compounds, SILPURAN 4200 is ISO 10993 certified for biocompatibility with regards to cytotoxicity, sensitisation and pyrogenicity, and USP Class VI certified for systemic toxicity, intracutaneous toxicity and implantation for up to 5 days. It does not support microbial growth.

SILPURAN 4200 is able to withstand repeated sterilisation, whilst still retaining its excellent mechanical properties as well as its thermal and chemical stability, offering manufacturers a reliable, durable adhesive. Once cured, SILPURAN 4200 exhibits excellent resistance to heat, chemical and impacts with no additional stabilisers required. With temperature resistance between -50 and 180ºC, this adhesive is able to withstand a multitude of different environments.

Although SILPURAN 4200 is particularly suitable for bonding silicone parts, it exhibits good, primerless adhesion to substrates such as glass, ceramics, metals, plastics and powder coatings. It can also be used for food contact applications.

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