Honing in on your optimal dispensing process often comes down to a degree of trial and error – even experienced operators sometimes choose the wrong tip at first. Material rheology and dispensing behaviour can be surprising.

To help you evaluate and establish your dispensing process, we have released the DCK800X dispensing component kit. Containing over 60 varieties of our most popular premium dispensing tips and accessories, including blunt end, smooth flow and flexible tips, the kit puts an extensive range of dispensing consumables at your fingertips.

Each of the included tips uses an industry standard Luer Lock fitting to complement dispensing methodologies from manual dispensing with a thumb plunger, to highly accurate and repeatable dispensing valves and pumps.

Fisnar DCK800X compondents kit

Packaged in a hard-wearing case, the kit grants convenient benchtop storage for your dispensing consumables as well as acting as a selection reference source.

Needle sample and dispensing consumable starter kits are also available. Want to find our more about How to Choose a Dispensing Tip? Watch our video.

Have dispensing process planning on the horizon? Get in touch with our team.

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