We’re on a mission to help UK manufacturers squeeze more productivity out of their bonding and materials application processes. While it is not usually difficult to figure out the investment justification on the equipment that we offer, there also isn’t a high upfront cost for improving your dispensing process from a manual one to one with an added level of control and consistency.

A manual application process using toothpicks, swabs, brushes, or a syringe can lack productivity due to part rejects, material waste, and time demands. A fluid dispensing controller, or dispensing machine, can be programmed to dispense for a certain amount of time, or at the press of a foot pedal, through a needle or nozzle. This means you can achieve a more consistent shot size, have less mess, and can complete your dispensing process more quickly and with better quality. There are possible H&S gains too, with decreased exposure to chemicals and the mitigation of RSI.

We have introduced a new entry-level dispensing controller, the Fisnar DC50 Benchtop Digital Fluid Dispenser, into our range. The DC50 costs just £368. It’s an easy, low-cost way to improve your productivity, and should pay for itself quickly. They are normally in stock for next day delivery, so you can start seeing results tomorrow.

See how the DC50 works in our video:

Our Introduction to Time/Pressure Dispensing guides you through how this technology works and it can be used to your advantage.

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