Designed specifically for small volume fluid or liquid dispensing applications, the eco-PEN XS 180 doses highly precise quantities of various materials in the nanolitre and microlitre ranges. The eco-PEN XS 180 is suitable for both line and dot dispensing, with bead widths starting from >0.1 mm, and an adjustable dispensing rate to suit the run speed. With accuracy of ±1%, >99% of the time, the device gives electronics and medical device assembly application specialists a reliable, repeatable tool for dispensing small liquid XS solder paste dispensing

eco-PEN technology is based on the well established and proven preeflow progressive cavity pump principle, which enables true volumetric dispensing that is viscosity independent. The technology can dispense of a wide range of viscosities, from water-like substances up to thick pastes, including filled materials, with low shear and no dripping.

The eco-PEN XS 180 can readily be integrated into automation, or supplied as part of our archytas series of robot integrations, to achieve high levels of positioning accuracy. Its lightweight design, weighing approximately 175 g, enables its use in high speed robotics, and the cartridge design means that several eco-PENs can be tightly spaced together in a narrow grid. This product means manufacturers can dispense at the smallest scale and high throughput with absolute confidence and control.

The eco-PEN XS 180 is suitable for dispensing solder pastes, die-attach adhesives, edge-bond adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, underfills, and potting compounds. Applications include electronics packaging, SMD/SMT, semiconductor, LCD/LED, medical device assembly, biological chemistry, laboratory, photovoltaic, and optics & photonics.

The eco-PEN XS 180 is combined with the eco-CONTROL EC200 2.0 control unit, which provides total control of preeflow volumetric valves during the dispensing process. Customers can opt for a model designed for a benchtop or rack-mounted location, dependent on their application.

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