The most hard-to-bond substrates and awkward areas are now treatable with low temperature, plasma surface treatment.

Two new modules, released by Relyon Plasma for their popular PiezoBrush PZ3 and PiezoBrush PZ3-i plasma systems, expand the applications which can benefit from activating, functionalising, and cleaning to increase wetting and improve adhesion.

PZ3 Needle Module


Needle Nozzle

Cleaning and activating tight grooves, bores or cavities in difficult-to-bond substrates can be a tall order for many traditional surface treatment methods. Employing a needle nozzle in your process grants full coverage treatment of all bonding areas, even in hard-to-reach places.


PZ3 Multigas Module


Multigas Nozzle

To tackle the most difficult-to-bond substrates, such as PTFE or PP, inert gasses boost the surface activation performance of plasma. Allowing a controlled supply of gas to be fed into the unit, multigas nozzles broaden the scope of surface treatment applications.


See each of the five modules in action

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