We have a long and successful history of selling THINKY mixers for mixing and/or degassing of materials including pastes, liquids, powders, inks, and very high viscosity materials. Our experience, and that of our customers, is that they do a superb job of quickly mixing these media to a homogeneous, bubble-free compound with consistent results every time.

Some applications involve mixing highly filled products such as battery slurries or thermally conductive compounds, where the inevitable extended mix time and the thermal rise generated by the high revolution/rotation energy put into the materials may require additional heat management.

We have introduced the THINKY ENs-10CE Cooling System, which is designed to attach to Thinky mixers including the THINKY ARE-250, ARM-310 and SR-500 solder paste conditioner. It decreases the temperature by up to 10ºC within the mixer and is effective at suppressing temperature increases in the mixer caused by heat generation from the materials being mixed. This has the added benefit of shortening the interval time for cool-down between batches, allowing for more efficient repeat operation where the mixer is in constant demand. It is also effective in mixing temperature-sensitive compounds such as heat-curing epoxies.

THINKY ENs-10CE cooling system

The THINKY ENs-10CE Cooling System with an ARE-250 mixing and degassing machine

If you already own one of the supported models of THINKY mixer, the THINKY ENs-10CE Cooling System is easily integrated. If heat generation was a concern when considering purchasing a THINKY mixer, you may want to take a second look!

Download the THINKY ENs-10CE Cooling Unit Data Sheet or have a look at our full range of THINKY mixing and degassing machines.

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