Our customers sometimes want to take advantage of UV curing on large or complicated assemblies, where a bench-mounted UV curing lamp will not allow ready access to the target areas. Some examples which spring to mind are the bonding of large PMMA point-of-sale assemblies, or the temporary masking of turbine blades. You also want to take advantage of the benefits of UV LED technology for this, which includes instant on/off operation.

So we have developed the IUV201 Handheld LED UV Curing Flood Lamp. The IUV201 combines the power of a high intensity LED UV curing flood lamp with a comfortable, lightweight handle. The lamp is trigger-operated, and its size allows you to move the lamp into position for harder-to-reach areas, providing flexibility to cure multiple sites with ease and efficiency. With a 25x10mm output window and intensity up to 4W/cm2, this lamp can cure small areas quickly and reliably.

IUV201 Handheld High Intensity UV Flood Lamp

The IUV201 Handheld LED UV Curing Flood Lamp is able to cure materials that cure using LED UV light, including many adhesives, coatings, potting compounds, and other engineering compounds.