THINKY ARE-312 Mixing and Degassing Machine, Conditioning Planetary MixerThe THINKY ARE-312 is an industrial planetary mixer that can mix, defoam, and degas liquids, powders, and pastes in seconds to minutes to produce a uniform, homogenous mix. It is the upgrade to our very successful and popular flagship ARE-250, introducing several advancements, including computer connectivity with data logging, an improved user interface, and a 20-program memory. Its low heat-generating DC motor provides 10% higher speed and 20% greater mixing and defoaming power, enhancing overall performance and efficiency.

A new RS232 computer connectivity function provides remote control, programming, and traceability — the user has remote control and start/stop functions. “Recipes” can be edited remotely, and recipe files are exported to/imported from the ARE-312. Traceability functions include reports on operating status, error history, and operating history.

The improved user interface shows the rotation speed in real time.  The device has been expanded to include storage of up to 20 recipes/programmes. The updated motor in the ARE-312 gives improved mixing and defoaming/degassing power. With speeds up to 2,200 rpm for mixing and 2,400 rpm for degassing, faster mixes are possible. Capabilities for high-speed mixing are enhanced, even with highly filled/high mass materials, and the internal temperature rise is suppressed.

The precise and repeatable control of a THINKY Mixer makes it possible to improve formulation quality, eliminate human error, and reduce variation due to operator skill. Planetary mixers offer significant productivity benefits over hand mixing techniques. The addition of the new features in the ARE-312 will benefit manufacturers who find their mixing more efficient with increased speed, such as battery slurry manufacturers. Those in critical industries like medical device manufacturing, defence or pharmaceuticals will find the reporting and traceability useful.

THINKY planetary centrifugal mixers combine the simultaneous high speed rotation and revolution of a container to achieve a fast, homogenous mix without the use of paddles, blades, or other invasive tools. Rotation is typically fast (~1,000s of RPM), generating mixing forces of about 400G. Users mix in their own containers (of 300 or 150 ml volume), which avoids the risk of cross contamination, removes the need for cleaning between batches, and saves time.

The THINKY ARE-312 has an additional defoaming/degassing mode, where the ratio of revolution to rotation is altered to favour revolution, generating high centrifugal forces on the materials (up to 510G). This causes air bubbles to rise to the surface and be destroyed by the shearing forces of slower rotation, a process that removes most visible bubbles.

The THINKY ARE-312’s application is broad and the new model can be used for mixing high- to low-viscosity liquids, pastes, and powders including adhesives, sealants, lubricants, optical compounds, and pharmaceuticals.

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