eco-PEN330 volumetric dispenserThe preeflow® eco-PEN330 Volumetric Dosing Pump is now available, joining a range of very successful sibling preeflow eco-PENs. It offers manufacturers precision application of fluids and pastes from a minimum of 0.002ml, at rates of up to 3.3 ml/min. The preeflow progressive cavity pump technology handles delicate fluids from watery up to a pasty consistency without damage, and since the system is both temperature and input pressure independent it can provide ±1% accuracy and better than 99% repeatability. This dispenser is exceptionally well suited to dosing or dispensing low to high viscosity liquids with pulsation-free delivery and with minimal shear forces exerted on the medium.

preeflow eco-PEN volumetric dispensers are suitable for manual, semi-automated or fully automated environments, and are compatible with positioning robots such as the Fisnar F4500 series. Our focus here is to provide high specification manufacturers with assured precision dispensing, which enhances quality of product and production performance. The eco-PEN330 can make a significant contribution to productivity by ensuring consistent and repeatable production with minimal downtime – improving yields and preserving hard won reputations for quality products.

The preeflow eco-PEN330 is fully programmable and easy to clean which saves time, whether in prototyping, small batch or continuous production. Its controlled cut-off suck back operation is an important feature in all applications to ensure accuracy and precision of deposition. We frequently recommend eco-PEN dispensers for applications in electronics such as the application of precision dots, beads and dosed quantities for potting, underfilling, encapsulation, FIP gaskets or conformal coating. Many other materials can be accurately dispensed or dosed, such as adhesives, sealants, cosmetic ingredients and fragrances, solvents, greases, electrolytic solutions, catalysts, paints and inks, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical compounds.

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