The mixing and dispensing of two-part potting compounds, encapsulants and similar products has to be one of the trickiest production processes to get under control. If you are looking to scale up or streamline your existing process, we are now able to offer the 2-K-DOS Metering, Mixing and Dispensing System. It is based on gear pumps, rather than piston pumps – but with none of the extra costs traditionally associated with that technology. This allows simple controls and reliable operation, with lots of programme flexibility and capability, in a competitively priced machine.

2-K-DOS Dispensing UnitThe 2-K-DOS is a compact bench top mixing and dispensing machine

Programming the 2-K-DOS Metering, Mixing and Dispensing System is straightforward through a user interface which allows you to adjust several parameters including shot size and flow rates, aligning to your material and your process. Mixing ratios of up to 10:1 can be achieved by electronically adjusting the gear pumps through an onboard computer. Once the system has been configured, settings can be saved and password-protected, preventing accidental adjustment. This compact unit can process up to 1kg of material per minute.

Modular in design, the 2-K-DOS can be fitted with a range of add-ons, including material reservoir tanks, whose size can be specified to suit your scale of production, and heat and agitation options which keep your materials flowable, consistent and ready to use. As standard, the unit is fitted with a built-in level monitoring system and pot life alarm with purge function to keep your operation running smoothly. Flexible hoses lead to an easily positionable mixing head with standard static mixing nozzles.

Gear pump technology also allows manufacturers to take advantage of time efficiency savings by providing a continuous flow of material during production, reducing small, but repeated delays often encountered when using piston-operated devices.

Compact in size and suitable for benchtop use, operating the unit is as simple as depressing a fingertip switch or foot pedal. For manufacturers looking for a level of automation in their process, the 2-K-DOS can be effectively integrated onto a robot for increased accuracy, precision, and repeatability.

Check our short video below to see the 2-K-DOS in operation.