The engineering and fitting of effective sealing has often been a rather unproductive and at times unsatisfactory business, frequently involving moulded or pre-punched gaskets, time-consuming installation of strip profiles or long waiting times while injected foams cure on stacked shelves. We have announced the new Dymax GA-201 UV cure FIP gasket material which in large measure eliminates these problems.

Dymax GA-201 is designed for automated application with rapid – almost instant – UV cure so saving large amounts of time and handling of part-complete assemblies, thus speeding up process cycle times and releasing production floor space.

Robot gasket application enables flexible, quick-change formation of complex 2D and 3D shapes without time constraints since the GA-201 remains uncured until UV is applied, at which point the process is completed in seconds enabling further assembly almost instantly.

GA-201 UV cure FIP gasket material from Intertronics

Dymax GA-201 is a tack free, moisture and chemical-resistant FIP/CIP gasket for sealing heat-sensitive substrates as an alternative to “O” rings, tapes, PSA die-cut gaskets, two part epoxies, silicone rope, or RTV sealant. It is formulated for sealing plastic, glass and metal enclosures, and plated surfaces for applications such as automotive door handles, appliance housings, critical electronic assemblies and devices. And it may be cheaper than you think!