Providing light where there was once darkness, lighting assemblies have been a staple in modern vehicle manufacture for decades. For many manufacturers, the search for brighter, better-performing systems has led them away from traditional bulbs and lamps towards more complex arrays of LED emitters, with lifespans in the 1000’s of hours. Keeping these assemblies protected throughout their entire life-cycle, even when subjecting them to driving rain, deep fords or choppy seas, can be problematic.

Our latest case study illustrates how automotive and marine lighting manufacturer, Venta Global provided significant water, moisture and environmental protection to their encased LED arrays using form-in-place silicone gaskets and robotically driven, automated dispensing equipment.

Venta Global automated light assembly gasketing

“The robot has sped up our production significantly,” said Roderick Dible, Production Manager at Venta Global. “With one skilled operative, our old process would take up to 20 minutes to fully gasket nine lamps. The new set up can do this in less than five.”

You can read the full case study here: Automated dispensing system increases lighting manufacturers throughput fourfold