The UK’s manufacturing industry needs to be far more productive and therefore competitive than it is today. Solving the productivity puzzle may assume more importance as we emerge from the current pandemic crisis, with the essential task of ramping back up the manufacturing economy looming. In a few weeks, a month or two… we must all have this objective in our sights.

Post the crisis, there may be some changes to what we have hitherto perceived to be the natural order of things – long global supply chains and just in time delivery systems may be seen as higher risk strategies. Domestic manufacturing will need to be as cost effective as areas with very low labour costs in order to take advantage of this potential trend, and efficiencies will be required to compete for these renewed opportunities.

Manufacturing businesses both large and small can be looking at improvements to their production processes. These improvements do not have to be radical or expensive to implement. There are small, incremental initiatives you can take over the coming weeks that can enable you to reach up towards your Productivity Potential.

To help you take some steps on your productivity potential journey, we have created a list of 21 achievable ways you can increase your productivity, either through efficiencies or through improved output. From simple tweaks to your processes to automating systems or trying new materials, there are tips for everyone in the assembly sector who wishes to reach for their productivity potential. For an introduction, watch our short video:


Alongside our 21 Ways You Can Reach Your Productivity Potential, you’ll also find a collection of customer stories about how they have managed to increase their productivity.

If you want to chat through any of these ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

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