On Thursday (21 April) this week, the FAST Exhibition opens its doors at The Concorde Conference Centre in Manchester. The FAST Exhibition has been created to provide you with a single location to meet fastening experts and discover the answers to your design problems.

We are giving a seminar entitled Enhancing Productivity with Light Curing Adhesives and Protective Materials, and we’d like to invite you to come. We’ll be talking about how light-curing adhesives, coatings and protective materials can offer significant process as well as functional improvements to an assembly. The seminar will present an overview of the technology, including how it works and example applications as well as recent advances which can help improve productivity, both in light curable chemistry and the curing equipment.

As a visitor to the FAST Exhibition, you will have the opportunity to experience a tour of the iconic Concorde G-BOAC, where you will learn about some of the aircraft’s famous passengers and the unique features that made Concorde so special.

FAST Exhibition at The Concorde Conference Centre in Manchester

Entry to the exhibition at The Concorde Conference Centre is by pre-registration only. Pre-register in advance for a VIP visitor badge and claim free entry, free parking, and a free bacon roll and brew on arrival. The exhibition opens at 08:30 especially for those wishing to make an early start.

See you there!