The masking process at MTU Aero Engines, a leading German manufacturer of military and civil aircraft engines, used to involve tapes, silicone rings, masks and metal covers all manually fitted and applied by operators. So when production planner Thomas Kaltenecker discovered and implemented Dymax SpeedMask, a UV-curing temporary masking liquid, alongside an automated dispensing and curing system featuring the preeflow eco-PEN volumetric dispensing valve, the team breathed a big sigh of relief.

The results:

  • greater throughput
  • near zero tolerance achieved in application
  • less scrap
  • a significantly faster process
  • capacity to take on more customer orders

What MTU have put together, between their automated system and their choice of material, is really savvy engineering, and combines several best-in-class technologies to create something that will significantly benefit their productivity for years to come. Congratulations to Thomas and his colleagues for achieving such substantial process improvement.

Case Study - MTU Aero Engines Dymax SpeedMask preeflow eco-PEN

Read the case study to find out more about how MTU Aero Engines have revolutionised their masking process.