Employment to grow under automation

From the iPad version of today’s The Times:

More than half the world’s workplace tasks will be carried out by a machine within the next seven years but the relentless rise of the robots will create more jobs than it will destroy, research has found.

A study by the World Economic Forum suggests that 52 per cent of “total task hours” will be done by machine labour by 2025, up from 20 per cent.

However, while 75 million jobs are likely to be lost to automation by 2022, a further 133 million will be created, in a benefit to the world’s workforce, the study concluded.

The “relentless rise of the robots” does also tend to generate a much needed rise in productivity, with the inherent economic and fiscal benefits. Improved productivity is a very good things for businesses, not just because of the potential for greater profit. Better productivity delivers resource optimisation, with better a chance for workers and colleagues to have more flexible jobs and enhanced wellbeing. Moreover, productivity enhancement will also allow a business more room for growth.

Can our material application automation put you on the path to enhanced productivity?

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