Stories from our customers“The ability to mask complex shapes in one application and cure quickly on demand has reduced work in progress, improved quality and increased throughput.”

“We have managed to increase production four-fold and enjoyed faster manufacturing time, reduced labour costs, and a consistently high-quality result with no defects or wasted material.”

“It has allowed us to quickly produce homogenous silicone in large quantities that is free of air, transforming a time consuming, physical task into an automated effortless one.”

“The final result dispenses to an accuracy of 100μm, offers the client a significant labour saving and increases throughput.”

“We estimate our return on investment to be in the region of £2,000 a month.”

“The robot is quicker than manual operations. This is a measurable factor in being price competitive with offshore manufacturing. We observed lower unit costs and improved quality straight away.”

These are some quotes and testimonials from our customers. We are always excited to hear that a customer is prepared to share their successes with us, and the wider world. We have collected some of the case histories and application stories into a document called Stories From Our Customers. You will be inspired by their examples, and it could fire up some ideas of your own.

You can always find the latest success stories from our customers in the Case Studies section of our website.

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