adhere academyWe offer a series of technical seminars to our customers in the technology manufacturing sector. The seminars focus on adhesives, protective materials and the associated application and curing equipment. The goal is to help design, production and quality engineers understand both the fundamentals and the cutting edge possibilities of the technologies, enabling you to deliver performance advances and productivity enhancements – improving your products and your profitability.

The collaborative group seminars are based at your factory or facility, or in the Intertronics Technology Centre. They are interactively structured and customised to delegates’ specific needs. You are invited to bring examples of current assembly challenges to the seminar, initiating wide ranging discussions and Q&A sessions. The seminars are led by award-winning speakers with over 25 years of experience in the field.

Examples of seminar topics include The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive, UV and Light Curing Technology and Dispensing of Adhesives and Protective Materials – Meeting the Challenges of Technology Manufacturing. They are available at no cost to companies who can assemble a minimum audience of half a dozen engineers or technologists who have lots of questions and challenges.

adhesive technology seminars