Many of our customers are Essential Businesses and must continue to operate and manufacture in support of infrastructure and other critical enterprises during these challenging times. The obvious sector is the manufacture of medical devices; for example, we supply adhesives to customers who are assembling and bonding needles for injections and products like diabetic testing pens. But the range of essential manufacturing businesses extends quite widely. It includes the makers of body temperature scanners and infection control equipment. It includes manufacturers of critical laboratory equipment, and as we all know, testing in labs is a vital part of getting through this crisis as we understand more about the infection. It stretches to things like food production equipment.

openIf you are locked down at home, please think about the things which you are still relying on – medical care, food, power, water, radio, television, internet… there are manufacturers who are vital to maintaining these and many other essentials for you.

These essential businesses are relying on their supply chain to ensure the flow of components, sub-assemblies, and materials required to complete their mission. Many of our customers are writing to us to confirm our place in this critical supply chain. It is a responsibility which we take extremely seriously. It is one of the many reasons we are staying operational throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Be well. Be safe.

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