The metering, mixing and application of two-part materials is always a tricky business, more so when the required amounts are relatively small – in the sub-millilitre range. If the two parts are of quite different viscosities, or the mix ratio is much greater than 1:1, or there are fillers involved, then it is even more difficult to achieve both homogeneous mixes and repeatable volumes. The preeflow eco-DUOMIX450, is a precision volumetric metering, mixing and dispensing unit capable of processing two-component materials with very high levels of control. This new technology combines the accuracy of volumetric positive displacement pumps with a novel dynamic mixing module to solve some of these challenges.

Offering you precise dispensing of fluids and pastes in doses as small as 0.008ml, the compact preeflow eco-DUOMIX450 includes an inbuilt, motor-driven dynamic mixer, capable of efficiently combining two-part materials with differing rheologies. Through this system, the unit can homogenise two-component materials which are traditionally hard to mix, such as those with ratios up to 10:1, or materials with a significant disparity in viscosity.

eco-DUOMIX450 dynamic mixer

The motor-driven mixing capsule is optimised for no dead space, and replaces the usual static mixing nozzle, allowing dynamic mixing. The capsule has a small volume and is easily replaceable, leading to lower material wastage at the end of each shift, and simple cleaning and maintenance. It is shorter than usual static mixing nozzles, resulting in less material pressure and less overall system height, which helps with precise positioning. A luer lock fitting permits the use of standard dispensing needles.

Containing the same highly precise, progressive cavity pump technology as the rest of the preeflow range, the unit can effectively process materials with a mixture of low and high viscosities. The output is both temperature and input pressure independent, is ±1% accurate and better than 99% repeatable.

Fully programmable, the eco-DUOMIX450’s many adjustable parameters include dose quantity, dispensing time, mixing motor speed and mixing ratio which when used together, allow you to fine tune your production processes.

The preeflow eco-DUOMIX450 is suitable for semi-automated or fully automated environments where precision dispensing is of the utmost importance. If you are looking for accurate and repeatable dispensing placement, the unit can be mounted on a positioning robot, such as Fisnar’s ADVANCE series benchtop robots.

Get in touch about your application and see how the eco-DUOMIX450 will help improve your mixing quality.

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