We are taking part in a one day seminar, entitled Future Trends for Adhesives and Adhesion: From Biomimetics to Space Applications. Organised by the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives which is part of the IOM3 Surface Engineering Division, it takes place in London on March 15 2018.

Society for Adhesion and Adhesives

This one day event considers some of the more recent developments relating to adhesion and adhesives. The morning will begin with a look at bio-inspired functionality including bio-adhesion, high strength electrical conduction, self healing, reworkable and disbondable joints. In the afternoon recent but available advances in UV LED curing technologies and adhesion promotion will be presented, ending with a look at the requirements for cryogenic applications to meet the increasing demand for extreme low temperature resistance in power generation, medical and space applications.

Sounds fascinating! Why don’t you come along? Booking details are at the IOM3 website.

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