Just published in its second edition is Polymer Nanocomposites: Processing, Characterization, and Applications by Dr Joseph Koo.

Polymer Nanocomposites: Processing, Characterization, and Applications

This thoroughly revised guide offers a concise introduction to polymer nanocomposites that is ideal for engineers who need to use nanomaterials in real-world situations. Written by a recognized expert in the field, the book explains how polymer nanocomposites can be used in the aerospace, transportation, construction, energy, health care, textile, and packaging industries.

In the book, Dr Koo discusses how products from Thinky are used to blend and degas materials (“both mixing and defoaming capabilities are proved to be superior”). He talks about mixing nanoparticles with aqueous solutions, and nanodispersion.

As an example, he describes powder-to-powder blending using a rotation and revolution Thinky ARE-250 mixer, which was used to combine PA11 polymer and MWNTs via centrifugal processing. The PA11 powder was mixed gradually in three steps of 30g, 30g, and 39g to 1g of MWNT (based on the desired final loading of MWNTs, where the total mixture is 100g in this example), each time rotating at 2,000 rpm for 10 seconds, resulting in PA 11-1wt% MWNT mixtures. Substantial improvements in electrical conductivity were observed with increasing loading of MWNT. There are other examples.

We appreciate the endorsement by an acknowledged expert of the use of our Thinky products in nanocomposite processing.


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