To give manufacturers all the benefits of curing using UV LED technology in a compact, all-in-one design, we now offer the Dymax® BlueWave AX-550™ LED UV curing flood lamp. The lamp offers rapid curing and consistency across a 125 mm x 125 mm curing area and can sit on a benchtop or be integrated into an automated production line.

The Dymax AX-550 offers the speed, consistency, reliability and long service life associated with LED UV curing. It includes a high-intensity LED UV light emitter for better uniformity and more consistent curing energy than a traditional flood curing system. The emitter is combined with a controller that includes the power supply. It can be integrated into larger automated systems or it can be used with a light shielding enclosure to create a benchtop curing station.

The active curing area delivered by the emitter of 125 mm x 125 mm is larger than most current UV LED flood lamps offer. The user can select a 365 nm, 385 nm or 405 nm wavelength emitter to suit the material they are curing. The emitter can be readily replaced and switched to another curing wavelength. Cure intensity ranges from 300-800 mW/cm2 depending on wavelength. The user interface is easy to navigate using a push button control to control curing cycles, cure times, and intensity. Operation can be triggered using a foot switch or by from automation. The lamp allows for control and monitoring of power levels, exposure times/routines, and system health.

There can be several significant advantages to using LEDs to generate UV light suitable to cure adhesives and coatings. There are no bulbs to change, they are instant on/off, have low energy consumption and carbon footprint and only minimal intensity deterioration over the lamp’s lifetime. While this lamp is very compact, it has a large curing area. The Dymax AX-550 is extremely versatile — suitable for use on an automated conveyor system or as a standalone unit.

The Dymax AX 550 is suitable for fast curing for a range of UV adhesives, coatings and temporary masking products used in electronics, medical devices, optics, automotive and other technology fields. We have demonstration units in our Technology Centre – come on by!

Dymax AX-550 LED UV curing Flood lamps

The Dymax AX-550 is available with  PrimeCure 385nm, VisiCure 405nm or RediCure 365nm wavelength emitters

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