We’re delighted that our recently enlarged and refurbished Technology Centre is buzzing with activity, with customers visiting most days of the week to discuss their applications and to evaluate materials and processes with our technical specialists.

For specific trials, we provide comprehensive reporting on bonding, dispensing and application, curing, mixing and/or surface preparation tests conducted in our Technology Centre with our team. These reports detail the pre-defined objectives, equipment and materials used, methodology, results and conclusions, supported by photographs and videos. This reporting provides robust evidence that the material and/or equipment route proposed by our customer – frequently under advice from ourselves – is the appropriate one for the application in hand.

We invite you to bring your parts, substrates or process materials and to spend some time in the Technology Centre. We have a bench-busting array of material samples and demonstration equipment to work with. And the kettle is always on!

Technology Centre lab trials, demonstrations and evaluations

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