We wish you a Delightful Christmas, and a Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year. Thank you for working with us during 2022.

We are closed at 5pm on Thursday December 22 2022, and reopen again at 9am Tuesday January 3 2023

Each year we try and support some charity, especially ones which have some resonances with us. We try to be active in our local community, including our annual foodbank project. We have been operating our business here in Kidlington for about 30 years; we employ local people; and we support local businesses, including the sandwich and pizza shops!

Kidlington Community Hub

This year we have made a donation to the Kidlington Community Hub. The Hub is a charity which runs a variety of drop-ins and support groups for parents, carers and their children. They have been running since 2016 when Kidlington’s beloved children’s centre was closed, and along with it a range of much-needed family support groups. Amongst its achievements, it won the Red Kite Days award for best parent and toddler group in Oxfordshire. Run by enthusiastic volunteers, it is the sort of endeavour which is very much needed, and not very easily funded. We are really pleased to help this year.

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