Atlantic Escape 100 ClubWe are very clear in our belief that contributing to our community helps to provide meaning and significance to our business, and we are always looking for and happy to hear about opportunities to do just this. As we are pretty far from the ocean, what we didn’t expect to be able to help with is local people rowing the Atlantic.

Andy and Rosalind are Atlantic Escapade, and they will attempt to row 3,000 nautical miles entirely unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean. Home for the duration will be an ocean rowing boat measuring just seven metres from bow to stern. They will be carrying all of their provisions on-board, battling sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion as they row in shifts to keep the boat moving 24 hours a day.

It turns out that Rosalind plays rugby in Kidlington, and knows some of our team. So it was a no-brainer to become their first 100 Club partner. They are asking 100 individuals and 100 local businesses to come on board and sponsor £100 towards the expedition. Alongside the personal challenge for them both, they are rowing the Atlantic to raise money and awareness of two charities very close to their hearts. Andy’s nominated charity is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Rosalind’s nominated charity is the BLUE Marine Foundation.

If you can sponsor them for £100, I am sure they will be hugely grateful. In the meantime, we think the best way to keep up with their progress in their Instagram account, @atlanticescapade

Atlantic Escapade

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