For those who find it easier or preferable to order online, we have launched an online shop. Developed in response to customer feedback, enables you to purchase a select range of our adhesives and consumables online. The online shop sits alongside our traditional consultative sales process — the full Intertronics range remains available by contacting our team via phone, email, or the website, and our responsive team will reply to enquiries the same business day. online adhesives shop

The online shop is intended for customers making repeat orders of previously specified products, or for those making small, one-off purchases – and of course you can still send in purchase orders as you always have done. If a product is in stock and ordered on before 3pm, it will be delivered the next working day, enabling straightforward, rapid access to products for situations where customers have certainty over what product is required. Customers using the online shop can still benefit from our aftersales follow through, including reliable next day delivery, technical support, equipment servicing, technology training, and process development help.

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The online shop features a selection of frequently ordered products from our extensive range. This includes adhesives, encapsulants, and potting compounds, and consumables such as dispensing needles and tips, and wipes, brushes and swabs. Alongside this, the shop hosts a range of dispensing guns and controllers, and UV curing lamps. If you see this logo on one of our product webpages, then it will take you to the e-commerce website for online ordering.

“We’ve always strived to be as easy to do business with as possible,” said Rachel Chancellor, who project manages the e-commerce site and is a member of our marketing team. “Launching the online shop gives our customers the choice to do business with us in whatever way makes them most comfortable. For those that know exactly what they need, it’s now as simple as ordering online. However, adhesives projects are notoriously complex. Providing insightful technical and applications guidance remains a cornerstone of our business, so we can ensure our customers find the optimal materials and process for their application. Anyone with a production or engineering challenge is still encouraged to speak to a member of Intertronics’ team.”

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