Precise, process-safe applications in the field of microdispensing are the focus of preeflow dispensing systems. They employ the endless piston principle to provide accurate, repeatable volumetric dispensing of almost all materials, be they low or high viscosity. Some materials and environments have more rigourous demands for dispensing equipment, so preeflow has developed two new options to increase the robustness and expand the applications of preeflow eco-PENs and preeflow eco-DUOs.

Diamond-coated rotors

For highly abrasive materials, preeflow has introduced diamond-coated rotors, which will significantly extend the service life of their systems, particularly in the microdispensing range. Materials such as thermally or electrically conductive adhesives or other filled materials can be challenging for dispensing equipment and lead to premature wear. Diamond-coated rotors have double or triple the lifetime of standard preeflow rotors. The diamond-coated rotor can be installed on existing systems, allowing both new and existing preeflow users to benefit from improved process reliability, cost reduction due to reduced spare part requirements, and reduced set-up and downtimes.

Diamond-coated rotors for preeflow eco-PENs and eco-DUOs

The diamond-coated rotor is available for eco-PEN and eco-DUO systems in 330, 450 and 600 models.

Stainless Steel housing components

The standard preeflow housing is made from POM (polyoxymethylene) – an excellent material for most applications. Sometimes, a more robust material may be needed, and we have introduced housing components made from stainless steel. With these fitted, all wetted parts of the preeflow are made of stainless steel, VisChem (an extremely chemical resistant elastomer) and FFKM (a perfluoroelastomer). This variation has been extensively tested and can solve issues relating to:

  • dispensing of strong solvents or plasticisers which have a negative effect on the standard material POM
  • better resistance to solder fluxes, oxidants (peroxides or ozone), or organic and inorganic acids below pH4
  • very frequent cleaning

Stainless steel housing kit for preeflow eco-PENs

Like the diamond-coated rotor, the stainless-steel kit can be installed on an existing standard eco-PEN dispenser. It is available for eco-PEN models 300, 330 and 450.

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