We’re delivering a free seminar at the upcoming Engineering Solutions Live show, held on the 23rd of March, entitled Improving Adhesion and Bond Quality with Plasma Surface Treatment 

Cold plasma treatment can quickly activate and functionalise the surfaces of many difficult-to-bond substrates, including metals and plastics, whilst removing organic contaminants. This process improves the wetting and adhesion of adhesives, coatings and inks, enabling the bonding of and printing on many polymers which have been challenging in the past.

Improving Adhesion and Bond Quality with Plasma Surface Treatment Seminar

Our seminar, delivered by Kevin Brownsill, Head of Technical: Learning and Development, will delve into the theory behind the technology, exploring how it works and example applications. It will also highlight how plasma can simplify your bonding processes, by removing the need for chemical treatments and primers on production lines, speeding up assembly processes, and improving productivity.

The seminar is taking place within the Engineering Solutions Live exhibition, held at The British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire.  Entry is free, but by pre-registration only, so make sure you book your place!