Practical Components announces that its dummy components have been invited to be part of the Future Proof Assembly Line at the upcoming National Electronics Week exhibition, which is scheduled to take place April 12-13, 2011 at NEC Birmingham.

Practical Components will supply the new Amkor TMV PoP (Package on Package) dummy component to the Future Proof Assembly Line. The Amkor TMV® technology provides several key benefits:
— Enables scaling of the PoP stacked interface to 0.4 mm pitch in support of emerging high-density memory architectures
— Allows for larger silicon area within an existing package footprint, benefiting both system architects and IC designers
— Supports flip chip, wirebond, stacked die and passive integration within the bottom package for increased integration and design flexibility
— Provides reduced package warpage, enabling thinner PoP stacks and improved surface mount assembly for high-density, fine-pitch applications.

The Practical Dummy Component® version of the TMV® is identical to the live package without the expensive die inside. These are made of the same materials on the same manufacturing lines and have the same size, thermal and soldering properties as the live equivalent.