adhere academyWe will be presenting a technical seminar on the subject of Curing adhesives, coatings and sealants with light at the forthcoming FAST Exhibition, September 10th at the Williams Conference Centre. Along with our presence in the exhibition itself, this will give you the opportunity to discuss the benefits with the team on our exhibition stand.

In the free seminar (pre-registration required), we will describe how UV/visible light curing has given manufacturers process advantages, including speed, for some decades. Proven applications include structural bonding, protective coatings, temporary masking and form-in-place gaskets, in sectors such as electronics, medical devices, automotive and aerospace.

The workshop will review the technology, including the latest developments with the use of LEDs as a source for curing light, which can offer significant advantages over conventional broad spectrum UV sources. The range of materials which are optimised to cure with LED lamps is expanding, and includes plastic, glass and metal bonding. Examples will be given to demonstrate the benefits applicable to a wide range of manufacturing operations.

During the session delegates will learn:

  • How light curing works
  • What it can achieve
  • What are the limitations
  • How to know it is cured
  • What LED curing technology brings to the party

To register for this seminar visit the FAST Exhibition website. The FAST Exhibition is the UK’s only dedicated fastening, bonding and assembly exhibition for design engineers, production professionals, senior manufacturing managers and fastener buyers. Established in 2005, this specialist event has proved to be an invaluable resource for engineering teams from just about every area of UK industry.

While attending the FAST Exhibition visitors will have the opportunity of an exclusive tour of the Williams Grand Prix Collection! Vroom!