The latest September 2020 issue of Global SMT & Packaging (The Global Assembly Journal for SMT & Advanced Packaging Professionals) contains an article from us entitled Cold Plasma in Electronics Industry.

Adhesion plays a decisive role for product quality and process stability in many areas of the electronics industry. These include bonding and marking of plastic components, wire bonding processes on metallic contact pads and the development of energy storage devices. Plasma is increasingly being used in electronics manufacturing to optimally prepare the surfaces of a wide variety of materials for processes which require reliable adhesion. The technology enables selective treatment of functional surfaces on plastics, metals or composites to improve a number of subsequent processes like bonding and printing. Conventional atmospheric pressure plasma treatment processes may require special gasses, or automated handling and extraction in order comply with health and safety requirements. Uniquely, the PiezoBrush® PZ3 is a handheld cold plasma device, which enables uncomplicated and manual optimisation of surfaces.

Read the full article on page 22 of the magazine.

Cold plasma in electronics industry