Our adhesives for the high technology, high performance assembly industries include products for bonding similar or dissimilar materials across many applications, desired curing types or times, and environmental conditions. We help you choose and evaluate the optimum adhesive for your needs.

Our adhesive range includes:

  1. Structural or temporary
  2. Adhesive chemistries: epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate, acrylic, silicone, cyanoacrylate
  3. Fast cure, slow cure, UV and light cure
  4. Thermally and electrically conductive
  5. Single and two part
  6. Chemical, fuel and solvent resistant
  7. Resistance to extremes of temperature
  8. Meet regulatory requirements: e.g. ISO 10993, UL94V-0, USP Class VI
  9. Flexible or rigid
  10. Thick and viscous to thin and runny
  11. Transparent or opaque, optically clear or translucent
  12. Colour change on cure
  13. Fluorescing for inspection

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  • Structural Adhesives

    Structural adhesives provide strong, load bearing joints for engineering and industrial applications. Our range provides bonding capability for your most challenging projects.

  • UV & Light Curing Adhesives

    Light-curable adhesives cure in seconds on exposure to longwave ultraviolet and/or visible light. They optimise assembly speed, increase product throughput and enable 100% in-line inspection, and increase product throughput.

  • Conductive Adhesives

    We offer adhesives which exhibit thermal and/or electrical conductivity. Applications include thermal management, electronic circuits, shielding, and die-attach in micro-electronics, hybrid circuits, chip-on-board (COB), LEDs, component manufacture, displays, flexible circuitry, medical devices and optics/optoelectronics.

  • Medical Device Adhesives

    ISO 10993 and USP Class VI tested medical device adhesives and protective materials. Also includes adhesives resistant to autoclaving and biocompatible materials.

  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

    adhere Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are superior quality, high purity single part adhesives which have numerous applications in all aspects of high technology, high performance assembly.

  • Optics, Fibre Optics & Electro-Optics Adhesives

    Adhesives, coatings and materials for use in optical applications. These products are either optically clear, opaque black or have specific properties which make them attractive to the broader optics market.