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About Dymax See-Cure Technology

Dymax light-curable adhesives with patented See-Cure technology have built-in visual cure validation that makes it easy for operators, or simple automated optical inspection systems, to confirm cure without the need for additional specialised equipment. Adhesives with See-Cure technology are blue prior to cure, enabling the user to confirm adhesive placement. During the light-curing process, the blue color disappears and provides an obvious confirmation that the adhesive is cured and the bond is secure.

Adhesives with See-Cure technology cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light, providing ultra fast assembly of substrates and components. Formulations are available for medical device, electronics, and plastic assembly. See-Cure Technology can be formulated into many Dymax light-curable adhesives.

Dymax have answered two of the most important questions in the adhesive industry:

  • How can I tell where the adhesive has been applied?
    DYMAX adhesives formulated with See-Cure technology are bright blue in their uncured state. This makes it easy to see where the adhesive has been dispensed onto substrates. Any voids in the bond-line can be immediately corrected before curing.
  • How do I know the adhesive is cured?
    You can tell the adhesive is cured because it changes from blue to clear when exposed to UV light. You can see the bond-line has been completely cured, so you’re assured the part won’t fail

How It Works

Dymax See-Cure technology is an indicator of cure that intentionally transitions colour after the adhesive is cured, which builds a visible safety factor into the assembly process. The colour translation is not the effect of bleaching from the UV irradiation. The colour change is directly linked to the photo-initiator in the adhesive.

Dymax adhesives which are formulated with See-Cure technology are bright blue in colour in the uncured condition. This makes them easy for you to see on the surface of substrates, in deep wells, or when placed between two layers of material. The blue coloured See-Cure adhesive will not permanently stain or, in the case of medical device adhesives, affect the bio-compatibility of the component surfaces that they contact. As the blue colour is extremely visible, simple vision systems may be incorporated into assembly processes prior to curing in order to easily identify adhesive coverage and profile.

Dymax See-Cure before cure
Before cure
Dymax See-Cure after cure
After cure

The colour of Dymax See-Cure adhesive turns to clear after the adhesive is cured. This serves as a visible indicator that confirms the adhesive has received the sufficient dose of energy to reach full cure.

Dymax See-Cure technology has been introduced into a range of UV curing adhesives for bonding plastics. The products have special significance in the medical device manufacturing industry, where the extra process assurance can give you distinct advantages in a critical area.

Other Information

Dymax See-Cure Selector Guide Download the Dymax See-Cure Selector Guide – See It Cure!
This guide lists a wide range of Dymax light curing materials which feature the See-Cure technology, including adhesives for medical device assembly and electronics, temporary masking materials, FIP gaskets and more.

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