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About Polytec PT Thermally Conductive Adhesives in Cartridges

Polytec PT Thermally Conductive Adhesives are packed in 50ml side-by-side cartridges for convenient manual processing. Polytec TC 406, Polytec TC 411 and Polytec TC 422 are two-component epoxies that cure at room temperature and are used for thermal management in electronics assembly, hybrid circuits, sensor manufacture and power engineering.

  • Polytec TC 406 offers some of highest thermal conductivity available in cartridge-packaged epoxies (2.2 W/mK)
  • Polytec TC 411 has very good thermal conductivity (1.4 W/mK) alongside a Shore D 38 hardness for extra flexibility and resilience
  • Polytec TC 422 offers an easy-to-process 50,000 cP viscosity for good flow characteristics

We also offer several other thermally conductive adhesives from Polytec, supplied in bulk containers, twin-packs, or premixed and frozen syringes.

 Polytec TC 406Polytec TC 411Polytec TC 422
Mechanical propertiesrigidflexiblerigid
Thermal conductivity2.2 W/mK1.4 W/mK0.8 W/mK
Temperature stabilitygoodgoodgood
Adhesion to Alvery goodvery goodvery good
Adhesion to cataphoretic paintvery goodvery goodvery good
Adhesion to PAvery good


Features & Benefits

  • Cartridge packaging allows for simple processing
  • Application direct from the cartridge with a static mixing nozzle, using a dispensing gun
  • Adhesives are supplied in the correct mixing ratio
  • High thermal conductivity, particularly with Polytec TC 406
  • Electrically insulating
  • Flexible version available (Polytec TC 411)
  • Cures at room temperature; curing can be accelerated with heat
  • Room temperature storage


Dispensing Polytec TC422 with DTD50

These cartridge-packaged adhesives can be easily dispensed with a simple dispensing gun or with a Fisnar DTD50 50ml cartridge dispenser


Polytec PT thermally conductive adhesives are designed for thermal management in:

  • electronics
  • lighting
  • hybrid technology
  • sensor technology
  • power engineering
  • other high-performance technology applications



Specification Method Polytec TC 406 Polytec TC 411 Polytec TC 422
Colour when mixed TM 101 white white blue
Mix ratio by volume 2:1 2:1 2:1
Pot life at 23°C (h) TM 702 0.5 2 1
Shelf life at 23°C (months) TM 701 12 12 12
Consistency TM 101 pasty pasty pasty
Specific gravity when mixed (g/cm³) TM 201.2 1.9 1.5 1.9
Viscosity when mixed at 23°C (cP) TM 202.1 180,000 140,000 50,000
Hardness (Shore D) DIN EN ISO 868 85 38 85
Max. service temperature (continuous) (°C) TM 302 -55 / +150 -55 / +150 -55 / +160
Max. service temperature (short-term) (°C) TM 302 240 220 260
Degradation temperature (°C) TM 302 300 280 310
Glass transition temperature (Tg) (°C) TM 501 65 <20 65
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) TM 502 2.2 1.4 0.8
Young’s Modulus (N/mm2) TM 605 5000 n.d. 7500
Tensile strength (N/mm2) TM 605 27 3 44
Lap sheer strength (AI/AI) (N/mm2) TM 604 14 7 19
Elongation at break (%) TM 605 3.5 11 1.2
Min. curing temperature (°C) 15 15 15
Curing time at 23°C (h) 24 48 24
Curing time at 80°C (min) 60 90 60

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Polytec PT Thermally Conductive Adhesives in Side-by-Side Cartridges 0.26MB
Polytec TC 406 Data Sheet 0.23MB
Polytec TC 411 Data Sheet 0.23MB
Polytec TC 422 Data Sheet 0.23MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
POLTC406-50ML Polytec PT TC 406 epoxy adhesive, 50 ml cartridge
POLTC411-50ML Polytec PT TC 411 epoxy adhesive, 50 ml cartridge
POLTC422-50ML Polytec PT TC 422 epoxy adhesive, 50 ml cartridge
IDM2N24 Static mixing nozzle
IDM805001 Manual dispensing gun 50ml 1:1/2:1 ratios


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