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About Dymax UV Light Curing Adhesives for Electronics Assembly

Dymax UV adhesives cure in seconds when exposed to high intensity UV light, and find many applications as adhesives for electronics assembly. The “on demand” cure feature of these resins means no rework as a result of adhesive migrating onto solder pads or through holes. Dymax adhesives for electronic assembly are ideal for bonding heat sinks and heat sensitive components, wire and component tacking, strain relief of large parts and securing hand inserted components prior to wave soldering. Single part UV light curing adhesives can give productivity gains over two part systems like epoxies, and slower curing chemistries like silicones.

These one-part, solvent-free adhesives are electrically insulating, and are particularly useful for:

  • Wire tacking and component ruggedisation
  • BGA and leadless component support
  • Strain relief, supporting larger electronic components
  • Thermal management, heat sink bonding
  • Shallow potting

Features & Benefits

  • Fast “instant” curesRuggedizing electronic PCB components with Dymax adhesive
  • Single part formulations
  • Cure on-demand – only upon exposure to UV light
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Precise and easy dispensing
  • Room temperature storage – unlimited pot life

Selector Guide

Product data sheets available on request.

Electronics adhesives

These adhesives provide optimal circuit protection. Their “on-demand” cure feature makes them ideal for manual applications such as wire tacking and coil termination, where optimal placement and immediate strength is critical.

Product Applications Features
Dymax 9-911-REV-B
DYM 9-911-REV-B
Wire tacking/coil termination On-demand cure for optimal positioning; easily dispensed by hand; exposed areas cure in seconds for immediate strength; shadowed areas may cure with heat over time
Dymax 910
DYM 910
Wire and parts tacking; strain relief; unitising Flexible; good adhesion; mechanically removable
Dymax 914-A
DYM 914-A
Wire tacking on PCB’s; for manual and fully automated dispensing systems Good insulation qualities; shock absorbing; deep cure capability; bonds well to porous surfaces; rapid cure speed


Component ruggedising

Dymax component ruggedizing and staking materials are engineered to hold critical components, such as Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and Video Graphics Arrays (VGA), for secondary processes or for long-term reliability. Each material helps enhance shock and vibration resistance of electronic assemblies.

Product Applications Features
Dymax 9422-SC
DYM 9422-SC
Reinforcing fine pitch or leadless components; underfill replacement; staking Fast, room-temperature cure; adhesion to various PCB substrates; low modulus for reducing stress on board components; highly thixotropic for minimal movement after dispense; See-Cure adhesives appear blue when dispensed and become clear for easy verification of cure; halogen-free
Dymax 9309-SC
DYM 9309-SC
Reinforcing fine pitch or leadless components; underfill alternative; shock absorption Tack-free cure; compatible with both needle and jet dispensing equipment; adhesion to various PCB substrates; reduces stress on board components; highly thixotropic for minimal movement after dispense; See-Cure adhesives appear blue when dispensed and become clear for easy verification of cure; halogen-free


Potting & sealing

Dymax light cure UV potting materials cure tack-free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light. Each potting compound is engineered to bond different substrates, offering tenacious adhesion to plastics and metals. UV potting resins reduce waste from off-ratio mixing and are free from isocyanates and heavy metals. Processing in seconds eliminates fixtures, jigs, racks, and ovens to increase space and lower total inventory costs.

Product Applications Features
Dymax 921 series
DYM 921
Potting; ruggedising heavy components Urethane acrylate; light cure in seconds; secondary heat cure; one part, no mixing is required; multiple viscosities; visible light cure for maximum cure depth; adhesion to filled plastics including PBT/Valox®


Thermal management

Dymax Multi-Cure® thermal interface materials may be cured with light, heat, or activator. Most applications utilise a combination of these methods for optimal cure speed. Light cure allows for exposed areas to cure immediately, fixturing parts in place so the activator or heat can continue curing in shadowed areas without interruption to process flow.

Product Applications Features
Dymax 9-20801
DYM 9-20801
Adhesive paste Thermally conductive; 1.2 W/mK; UV/Visible light cure for exposed areas in seconds; activator or heat cure shadowed areas; one part; solvent free


Safety Data Sheets
For the latest SDS for this product, please e-mail msds@intertronics.co.uk

Watch UV Curing

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