Our benchtop and gantry robots can be used to automate:

  1. material dispensing applications: potting, sealing, gasketing, temporary masking or lubricating
  2. dosing and filling
  3. curing
  4. surface preparation

We integrate the robot with our dispensing, curing or surface preparation equipment. We can configure and customise them with holding tools and fixtures, benches and safety enclosures.

We help you evaluate and select the most efficient and cost effective automation for your application and process.

The robotics range includes:

  1. 3- and 4-axis systems
  2. Benchtop robots from 200x200mm working area up to 500x500mm
  3. Gantry robots for larger areas or use over conveyors and assembly lines
  4. Rotary tables for circles and round objects
  5. Vision systems
  6. Tip alignment



Model Working area (X / Y / Z mm) Gantry or Benchtop style? 3 axis version 4 axis version
FIS F4200N.1 200 / 200 / 50 Benchtop Excellent
FIS F5200N.1 200 / 200 / 150 Benchtop and Gantry Excellent
FIS F7300N 300 / 300 / 100 Benchtop Excellent Excellent
FIS F7400N 400 / 400 / 100 Benchtop Excellent Excellent
FIS F9300N 300 / 300 / 200 Gantry Excellent Excellent
FIS F9600N 600 / 600 / 200 Gantry Excellent Excellent
FIS F9800N 800 / 600 / 200 Gantry Excellent Excellent
  • Benchtop Dispensing Robots

    Benchtop dispensing robots are designed for manufacturing, medical and laboratory environments requiring a streamlined, robust and easily maintained machine.

  • Gantry Dispensing Robots

    Our range of gantry dispensing robots are high power, servo driven, cartesian dispensing robots with working areas up to 800mm x 600mm.