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About Fisnar F4200N.2 Dispensing Robot

The Fisnar F4200N.2 is a compact and economically priced benchtop dispensing robot. Designed for manufacturing, medical and laboratory environments requiring a streamlined, robust and easily maintained machine. This robot will support most light dispensing applications that require a high-performance standard. The bench space reduction is an additional benefit. Programming is simply carried out by a teach pendant (included) using the industry’s leading dispensing software that walks the user through step-by-step instructions to create a sophisticated dispensing operation in minutes.

The Fisnar 4200N.2 has the smallest footprint in the Fisnar series of desktop dispensing robots, making it one of our most popular dispensing machines, with an unbeatable combination of price and performance.

We are able to provide complete dispensing systems including robots like the Fisnar F4200N.2. See some examples of complete dispensing systems here.


Features & Benefits

  • Dispenses dots, lines, arcs and circlesFisnar F4200 Robot
  • Suitable for adhesives, coatings, gaskets, potting, filling and shielding applications
  • Resolution 0.001mm/axis
  • Continuous path motion and point to point
  • Step & repeat copy functions
  • Automatic offset calculations
  • Quick “Fluid Purge” button
  • No computer skills required
  • 100 programs, 4,000 points per program
  • Software tip alignment routine for quick program offsets when changing dispensing tips
  • USB connector allows system updates and program interchange between robots
  • Fast, accurate and reliable 24 hours a day


  • Adhesives
  • Form-in-place (FIP) gaskets
  • Potting
  • Coating
  • Filling

The automation of any manual bench dispensing application can be easy to justify, with a quick return on investment (ROI). By virtue of its very competitive pricing, the F4200N.2 provides a significant cost saving when compared to existing bench robot systems.

The compact Fisnar F4200N.2 handles a dispensing area of 200mm x 200mm and is capable of storing up to 100 different programs. Step-by-step intuitive instructions simplify job creation tasks, allowing a program to be entered and running in minutes. A 16-channel I/O interface provides for communication with external devices for secondary applications and multiple dispensing equipment components. An optional Windows software package with a DXF file converter is available for programming from a computer. A compact, robust, heavy-duty design (cast construction) provides stability when working to fine tolerances.

The robot is a three-axis design and is capable of interfacing with any INTERTRONICS dispensing equipment. The F4200N.2 can use simple dispensing barrels, controlled by a pneumatic dispenser, or a dispensing valve, fed from some form of reservoir. We provide a full turnkey solution. Please contact us for a full discussion of your requirements.


Specification F4200N.2
Robot working area X/Y/ Z 200 x 200 x 50mm
Tool load – Z axis 2kg
Max. speed X/Y/Z (mm/sec) 500 / 500 / 200
Repeatability +/- 0.02mm / axis
Resolution 0.001mm / axis
Data memory 1-100 programs | 50,000 points / program
Drive system / stepping motor Micro stepping motors
Motion control PTP & CP
Teaching method Teach pendant
I/O signals 8 inputs / 8 outputs
External interface USB / RS232
Power supply Auto-switching AC 100-240 VAC, 320 watts
Dimensions (WxDxH) 324 x 499 x 480mm
Weight 20kg


Programming is simple with easy to follow English language instructions. Commands are followed and responses entered by a teach pendant. An LCD display prompts the user for a data input and once confirmed, automatically displays the next instruction. By this method a program can be created quickly and simply.


Fisnar robotics teach pendant

Other Information

See how the Fisnar F4200N works as part of a real application in this robotics Case Study:

Case Study F4200N CT Production web CEM increases competitiveness with dispensing robot

Integrating a benchtop dispensing robot into flow line assembly for electronics allowed for a continuous production process. This resulted in reduced wastage, increased quality and increased output.

Case Study F4200N preeflow eco-pen Parkinson Harness Technology Precision dispensing helps electrical manufacturer to reduce waste by improving quality and yield

By switching to an automated dispensing system, this electrical manufacturer reduced scrappage and therefore improved quality and yield of their product.


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Ordering Information

Part number Description
FISF4200N.2 200 x 200mm work area benchtop dispensing robot
Includes: Teach Pendant, Bracket Mounting Plate, I/O Connectors, Operating Manual
FISF4000N-WIN Windows® software package
Enclosure A range of safety enclosures are available with light curtains, interlocked doors, etc.


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