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About Fisnar F9000 Series Cantilever and Gantry Dispensing Robots

The Fisnar F9000 Series gantry dispensing robots are high power, servo driven, gantry and cantilever style cartesian dispensing robots. Standard models are available with working areas up to 800mm x 600mm, but larger models up to 7,000mm x 7,000mm can be produced as per your requirements. These gantry dispensing robots use ball screw transmissions to ensure high repeatability. Programming of the F9000 series robots is by teach pendant. Resolution of the series is 0.01mm.

The F9000 Series Dispensing Robots can be used with conveyor operations requiring a cartesian gantry robot, and are also competitively priced for bench applications which require XYZ movement above the work. The robots are available as three- and four-axis designs and are fully interpolated in all axes.

Fisnar F9300N – 3 & 4 Axes Servo Cantilever Dispensing Robots

Cartesian gantry industrial robots are high power servo driven dispensing robots built for durability and high performance. The robot motion is above the work making the gantry robot suitable for in-line conveyor robotic assembly operations. The F9300N is the entry level dispensing robot in the series and can be configured as a 3 or 4 axis model.
FIS F9300N gantry dispensing robots
Fisnar F9600N – 3 & 4 Axes Servo Gantry Dispensing Robots

The F9600N is the next sized industrial robot in the gantry robot series with a larger working area. The F9600N is a popular choice for many spray valve applications where freedom of movement around the part is essential, such as in coating and paint spray work.
FIS F9600N gantry dispensing robots
Fisnar F9800N – 3 & 4 Axes Servo Gantry Dispensing Robots

The largest stock sized gantry robot in the Fisnar F9000 automated dispensing series – the F9800 design is modular and larger sizes can be quoted upon request. Fisnar F9800 cartesian robots are suitable for gaskets, potting, filling, shielding and spraying.
FIS F9800N gantry dispensing robots

Features & Benefits

  • Robust ball-screw servo motor drives
  • Resolution 0.01mm
  • Performs continuous path and point-to-point motions
  • Self contained controller functions
  • Software tip alignment
  • Step-by-step repeat function
  • Optional barcode scanning software


  • Form-in-place gaskets
  • Adhesives
  • Potting
  • Solar junctions
  • Stringers
  • Coating
  • Frame sealing
  • Filling


Specification F9300N F9600N F9800N
X/Y/Z Working Area (mm) 300/300/200 600/600/200 800/600/200
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) – Manipulator 679x696x505 979x1022x505 1179x1022x505
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) – Controller 368x302x160 368x302x160 368x302x160
Weight – Manipulator 29kg 37kg 40kg
Weight – Controller 9.5kg 9.5kg 9.5kg
Maximum Load 7.0kg
Maximum Speed X/Y/Z (mm/sec) 1000/1000/500
Repeatability (mm/axis) +/-0.02mm/axis
Resolution (mm/axis) 0.01 mm/axis – (R)Axis 0.05°
Program Capacity 3000 steps/program
3000 points/program
100 programs
Data Memory Type 2Mb battery backup
Processor 32/16*2 Bit DSP
100MHz / 40MHz
Drive System/Motor Full digital AC servo
Motion Control PTP, CP
Linear/Circular Interpolation 3 axes
Teaching Method Teach Pendant
I/O Signals System I/O 16/4
User I/O 8/8
External Interface RS232C
Power Supply 1ø AC220V
Working Temperature 0 ~ 40° C
Relative Humidity (no condensation) 20 ~ 90%RH

Other Information

See also our Technical Resources page to download “Robots in Manufacturing – How the Smaller Machine Provides Automation and Competitiveness” – a whitepaper about this technology.

All Downloads

Filename Size Download
Robots in Manufacturing – How the Smaller Machine Provides Automation and Competitiveness 0.14MB

Ordering Information

Part number Description
FISF9300N F9300N Robot 3-axes 220V working area 300X300
FISF9304N F9304N Robot 4-axes 220V working area 300X300
FISF9600N F9600N Robot 3-axes 220V working area 600X600
FIDF9604N F9604N Robot 4-axes 220V working area 600X600
FISF9800N F9800N Robot 3-axes 220V working area 800X600
FISF9804N F9804N Robot 4-axes 220V working area 800X600
FISDC100 Precision Dispense Controller
FISF9000N-WIN Windows software package
All robots include: Teaching pendant, bracket mounting plate, I/O connectors, operating manual


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